Build from source

Building Hypertable for .NET from source requires at least Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional.


Browse through or download the ht4n source

Browse through or download the ht4n source from github. Alternatively, get the source from the repository, create a projects folder (the path must not contain any spaces) and use:

mkdir hypertable
cd hypertable
git clone git://
git clone git://


Download and build Hypertable for Windows

Download and build the appropriate Hypertable for Windows version, see build from source.


Optional prerequisites

In order to build the ht4n API documentation download and install Sandcastle and the Sandcastle Help File Builder.
To run the ht4n test suite download and install the MSBuild Community Tasks, notice the ht4n x64 test suite requires a mstest64.exe:

cd %VSInstallDir%\Common7\IDE
copy mstest.exe mstest64.exe
copy mstest.exe.config mstest64.exe.config
corflags mstest64.exe /32BIT- /Force

and copy the complete registry key





Build Hypertable for .NET

Open the ht4n solution (ht4n\ht4n.sln) with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and build its configurations. Alternatively, open the Visual Studio command prompt and type:

cd ht4n
msbuild ht4n.buildproj

or, for a complete rebuild, type:

cd ht4n
msbuild ht4n.buildproj /t:Clean;Make